Childhood Obesity

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Children who grow up unhealthy are being put in big dangers. Today, countless children are overweight at such a young age. Children aged 6-11 years of age in the US had gone from a percentage of 7% back in 1980 to 18% in 2012. For teenagers, it is still just as bad. With plenty of adults and parents who are living unhealthy lifestyles and bad dietary habits, they are leading the way for more future children.

Child obesity is increasing in size, and with countless companies advertising it to be fine to be overweight, others are living their life the way they normally do. However, nothing is better than having a healthy body, exercising, and eating only the best foods. This site is your guideline for educating you and your family on childhood obesity statistics, the best ways to get healthier, and countless articles and posts to help you stay on top of this area.

12.5 Million Kids Today Are Overweight

contributing factorsObesity in children today is staggeringly growing. It has been said that more than 12.5 million children ages 2-19 are overweight and obese. Not only is that number growing, but thousands of other kids are continuing on the same path and will probably join the nearly 13 million kids on being overly heavy. It has been explained that a multitude of people in different lifestyles can reach this level in their health, and that is all depends on the parents to help their kids back to a normal and healthier weight.


How We Plan To Stop The Problem From Growing

With so many kids who are so unhealthy, you need to know that we are going to try and stop this. This website is meant to be your main source for knowledge and information on preventing and fixing this problem. Our website is going to give you articles and posts on all kinds of aspects of health aimed at your children. We have articles about treatments and programs that your kids can try out. We have articles on preventing weight gain and obesity, the effects that a child could deal with when they are obese, and the different causes that can make a child end up in this position health-wise.

How Your Child Can Get Back To Their Best Weight

shaping the futureWe have compiled the best information on the web so your child can get healthy again. Your child only needs to do one thing; the willingness to change. As parents, you can help your kid, but you and your child must be willing to make a change in their weight. Your kid must be willing to change and must educate themselves better on the unhealthy possible effects that are involved with being obese.

What Happens To Obese Children?

Children who are obese have a higher risk of all kinds of cancer and heart problems by the time they reach adulthood. Their late teens and early 20′s will be a struggle because of bad nutrition for kids that were once developed early on in their life. This is how vital it is to maintain a good set of dietary habits for your child while they are young. The knowledge they develop and inhabit today will carry them on for the future. Diabetes in children is also not just a hereditary problem, but also a condition they can gain just from obesity. Diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer are all different things can affect your child’s life later down the road without making the right changes in their health. Obese children can still get healthier, and there is still a shot at losing all of that weight and having the right weight that a kid in their height and age should have.

Childhood obesity is among one of the main problems many kids are dealing with today. Getting into sports camps, getting guidance on their eating habits, and all these aspects come into play with your child’s health. If you are wanting to change your child’s health, you can do but only if you take the right precautions and make a lifestyle change. Use this website as your guide. If you need information on a great way to get active, check out some of our articles. Everything you need to know about obesity in children is explained and broken down for you to understand everything easier and take action successfully.

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